"Ellation reminds me of the familiar scent of fall. Having Fresh Wipes means whatever I wipe, is CLEAN. I use them regularly to clean my cell phone. They're safe to use on and around my children as well as our beloved Golden Retriever--who licks what he smells. These wipes are so durable, I can use them on multiple surfaces! Once you try them, you'll wonder how you ever lived without Fresh Wipes!"

- Rachel Carter
Professional Model, Author, Speaker, Doterra Diamond. 
“What an amazing product. If you are searching for a product to remove toxicity and increase your health… Look no further. Founded in science, provide by nature. These wipes are the only product I choose to clean surfaces my patients use. To clean surfaces in cold and flu season, avoid the cleaners, choose and equally (if not more) effective product. If you would not let your children be exposed to a cleaning product, why would you expose your to un-needed toxins.  Make the health choice, choose lifestyle wipes.”

-Robert Snow DPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS
 Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

 “These wipes not only do an amazing job of cleaning without harsh chemicals, but are also rejuvenating and heighten my mood!”
-Anna Pennick NTP, CGP
 Doterra Diamond
 Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
“I love this product! It is so awesome to find something that cleans and freshens any surface and is completely safe for use on the skin. One wipe that does all and the scent is simply amazing!”
-Charles Pennick, M.D.
 Intergrative Medical Physician 
“I love these wipes! I automatically envisioned wiping my 4 kids’ hands, toys and p[lay areas. I also envisioned using this during the hospital births I attend as a doula!  I can wipe germ infested surfaces that my client and I will be touching. I loved the scents and how soft it left my hands.”
-Lara Carlos CBE, CBD, PE, BA
 Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulator, Bachelors in Woman & Gender Studies, Student Midwife
I love Fresh Wipes! They clean all surfaces using pure essential oils. This is very important for me to avoid chemicals. They smell great, they work great, they don’t streak or leave a residue. They work great! I use them everywhere, I keep these in my car and use right after I go to the gym. I use them on my kid’s hands when they get home from school!”
-Sharyn Segmour
 Doterra Gold
 Real Estate Broker
“Amazing Product! Feels great on my hands, no residue and not drying to my skin.” 
-Kerry Carlos LAC, MSAOM 
 Licensed Acupuncturist
“So awesome! Someone finally has created a wipe that is supportive of the body while fulfilling the purpose! The smell, the weight, the quality- all are incredible! You’ll find these with me- Always!”
-Teri Helms
 Doterra Diamond
“I like the scent of both products. I use these products in my truck for work to clean my hands and phone. I would also use them at home to clean my weight stand and other surfaces in my house.”
-Brian Seymour
“Amazing!! This product is an absolute must have in every health, natural home! If you can actually stop smelling them long enough to clean, they are incredible! They are effective, durable and so convenient. These are great for cleaning electronics, automobiles, shopping carts, desks, and counters, Perfect to keep in the car, office and throw in the kids backpacks. I love this wipe, Truly non-toxic and the smell is divine!”
-Sharla Snow
 Doterra Diamond - Holistic Health Coach
“My first impression of the wipes: fragrant, lovely smell, soft wipes” 
 -Alexx Summers
“In my 15 years of using essential oils these wipes are a remarkable innovation! We love their safe, natural, great products. I will have these wipes in my home, office and car.”
-Jorge Moreno
 Doctor of Osteopathy, Integrative Medicine Specialist
“These wipes are wonderful. They feel good and smell very good. The Jubilee one smells like a ‘pick me up’ “ 
-Yolanda Flores-Moreno
 Mother of Seven, Wife of Doctor

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