Our Story

Why bother with another "wipes" product? Essential oil lovers, and those that are committed to a chemical-free lifestyle for themselves and their families, know the answer! This video shows Pamala Kay Schwarz and Dave Corey discussing how they first stumbled upon the idea to pursue a wipe that was all-natural, and based on the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils!

It all started with one act of replacing a harsh chemical-filled product with a natural alternative.
This simple act sparked a conversation and we began to ask;
What if there were others who desired the same natural lifestyle we desired?  
What if we could influence future generations and have a positive impact on our ecosystem? 
What if we developed products that celebrated the power of nature without compromising quality? 
We are Pamala Kay Schwarz & Dave Corey.  Pamala is a Naturopath, and Dave is a serial entrepreneur - together we make a powerful combination.  It has taken us 5 years! But we did it!  We are Pure Truth LLC and we are committed to developing products that use only natural safe ingredients.
Our Introductory product, FRESH WIPES, is the first in a line of lifestyle wipes like no other. A luxury wipe that is safe, clean, and strong with no alcohol or harsh chemicals using a safe, natural preservative. 
Order your wipes today and see how amazing they are for yourself.  We are confident they will become a staple in your healthy lifestyle.